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  • Field Services
    With our experienced technicians and our fleet of trucks, we are able to go into the field diagnose and repair the equipment lessening the amount of downtime.

  • Rotary Vessel Services
    Vessel Services
    The rotating vessel is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the plant. Keeping it running at peak performance allows maximum life out of wear components.

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Predictive Maintenance The equipment is based on performance and M&R Technologies can pinpoint the weaknesses of the equipment performance. Analyzing the equipment allows early detection of the issues that could affect the life & performance of the equipment.
  • Specialized Welding
    Specialized Welding We brought together a group of seasoned professionals whose years of combined welding expertise contribute to a higher efficiency level with one of the lowest overall repair rates in the industry.

Our Services


Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Services for Florida, Louisiana, Texas & The Southeast

condition monitoringMaintenance & Reliability Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services for companies throughout Florida. Whether you’re operating rotary vessels for phosphate production or industrial pumps for citrus processing, we can help you develop an early warning program that detects the invisible signs of equipment wear and allows you to take action well before a critical failure. Our experienced technicians use the latest technologies to quickly identify developing problems and offer effective solutions that can be easily scheduled to minimize downtimes or stoppage.

Our staff is fully certified for a wide variety of predictive maintenance techniques, including thermography and level-3 vibration analysis, which ensures that we’ll always take accurate and precise measurements in all of our tests. Our team also has experience providing condition monitoring for companies in a wide variety of industries, from pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing to phosphate production and power generation, so you can trust that we know exactly what to look for in nearly any type of machine. Plus, with condition monitoring plans, including rotary kiln services, available on monthly, quarterly, or annual schedules, it’s easy to choose a program that’s adequate and affordable for your business.

Millwright and Fabrication Services, including Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment, Steel Erection & Plant Construction, for Rotary Vessels, Other Equipment & Your Entire Facility

condition monitoringIn addition to providing detailed predictive maintenance services, M&R Technologies also employs experienced, skilled millwright teams who can execute any maintenance or repair recommendations we suggest. Our staff has undergone thorough training and utilizes the best equipment available allowing them to work quickly and precisely. We can quickly and expertly fabricate a wide range of parts from our facility, producing products that cost less and are of better quality than OEM parts. We also have the ability to construct a variety of new plant systems, and our skilled team can handle industrial construction projects ranging from duct and piping installation to steel erection and silo fabrication. With the combination of skills our staff possesses, we can provide reliable turnkey construction solutions for clients in any industry.

M&R Technologies has also had our safety record, insurance, and reliability independently verified through ISNet and was awarded an A rating, so you can always rely on the quality of our services. Our company is on call 24-7 for customers throughout the region, so even if you have a catastrophic equipment failure in the middle of the night, our team can begin assisting in your recovery immediately. You can always rely on our staff to provide outstanding customer service when you need it most.

For more information on our condition monitoring programs or our millwright services, contact M&R Technologies for a consultation today. We’re happy to serve organizations in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and other cities throughout the Southeast.

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