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Tire and Trunnion Resurfacing

The rotating vessel is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the plant. Keeping it running at peak performance allows maximum life out of wear components (chair pads, stop blocks, trunnion and trunnion bearings, thrust rollers, and the tire itself). When these components wear over time from normal operations or are allowed to operate improperly, it becomes necessary to resurface the tire and trunnions. Resurfacing the tire removes taper, convex/concave wear, flat spots and allows proper contact of the tire to the trunnions. This eliminates excessive loading and thrust to one bearing of the trunnion, relieves excessive thrusting on either thrust roller, and relieves tire thrusting against the stop blocks on migrating tires.

The trunnions are not cost effective to resurface until the diameter is greater than 25”. It is required at the time of tire resurfacing to replace or resurface any trunnion that has tapered, shows signs of convex/concave wear or is worn beyond the hardened area and reset the trunnion center dimensions to factory specifications.

Typical tire resurfacing can be performed while the plant is at normal operation. When problems are allowed to become severe (excessive deep spin marks or flat spots) slowing the drum rpm down is required and doesn’t allow plant operation.

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