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Rotary Vessel Inspection

M & R Technologies monthly rotary vessel inspection is designed to identify problems with rotating equipment before they become serious. Many problems can be found by the trained technician before they are noticed by untrained personal. Most problems are also at the critical to catastrophic stage of failure before the untrained eye notices them. Our program allows scheduling of maintenance and repairs to be made on scheduled down time, eliminating most unscheduled down time and loss of production due to unexpected failures.

Our inspections check for wear in tire supports, excessive amounts tire migration, keeper condition, abnormal tire and trunnion wear patterns, cracks, extreme thrusting conditions, bearing temperature trending, etc…. 
Problems overlooked or left unnoticed cause lengthy, unscheduled and expensive repairs which could be avoided.  A written report with all findings and recommendations is included with every inspection.

Vessel Inspections are intended to draw awareness to those parts of the unit where visual observation by the experienced eye, while the unit is in its normal operation, should reveal any signs of potential problems. This preventive maintenance practice can eliminate, or certainly reduce, expensive and unexpected shut downs.

If a crack is identified by visual inspection a more thorough inspection using NDT methods (such as Ultrasonic testing) should be planned for all suspect areas on the next shut down. Equally important, is determining the underlying cause of the crack. Understanding and correcting to avoid reoccurrence is the goal.

Identifying the symptoms early and utilizing the proper analytical tools can allow time to formulate and implement a plan of action.

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