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Rotary Vessel Maintenance for Ft. Myers, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Other FL Cities

rotary maintenanceWhen you’re looking for a single source for rotary vessel maintenance in Florida, Maintenance & Reliability Technologies, Inc. (M&R Tech) is the clear choice. We have highly trained and fully certified technicians ready to service and repair kilns, dryers and any other rotary equipment for businesses throughout a variety of industries. Whether you need a laser alignment to correct misalignment in the drive system or on-site resurfacing to correct abnormal tire and trunnion wear, our team can ensure that your job is completed not only quickly and correctly but safely as well. We constantly outfit our teams with the best tools available and employ the latest safety standards. These steps have earned M&R Tech recognition from a leading phosphate company for our work on their rotary equipment and an A rating from ISNet when they independently reviewed our safety, insurance and reliability records.

We believe that proper rotary vessel maintenance begins with identifying issues well in advance of critical failures, which is why our company offers comprehensive condition monitoring and predictive maintenance services. We use advanced techniques, like infrared thermography and vibration analysis, to detect flaws before any visible signs develop, allowing our clients to schedule maintenance when downtimes will have the least impact on their operations. We also offer traditional rotary kiln inspection services, which include:

  • Chair pad clearance measurement
  • Trunnion measurement
    • Diameter
    • Crown/dish
    • Taper
    • Center
  • Tire measurement
    • Diameter
    • Crown/dish
    • Taper
    • Wearing

M& R Tech’s rotary vessel maintenance and inspection plans are all available on monthly, quarterly and annual schedules, making it easy to choose the right option that provides your equipment with the optimal level of attention for an affordable price. Our teams are also available 24-7 for emergency rotary vessel repair services and can offer same day response to customers throughout Florida.

So if you have a rotary vessel that’s overdue for maintenance or inspection, contact M&R Tech today for immediate service. We’re proud to serve customers in Ft. Myers, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa and other Florida cities.


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