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Machinery Acceptance Testing 

Keeping an eye on the bottom line is important, but attempting to save a few dollars in one budget area only to cause more expensive problems down the road is counterproductive. Acceptance testing, when implemented properly can help ensure quality is not compromised.

When implemented properly, acceptance testing consists of four steps:

  • Factory acceptance testing - performed before equipment ships to work out design and manufacturing flaws.
  • Testing upon receipt - performed after delivery but before the equipment is signed for to ensure the shipment arrived intact.
  • Installation acceptance testing - performed immediately after installation to uncover installation errors.
  • Start-up testing (also called pre-op testing) - performed before full-time operation to “test drive“ the equipment and work out operational bugs.

This battery of testing maximizes efficiency by ensuring everyone in the whole chain -  from design to installation - builds systems with parts that work. This testing also establishes baseline data particular to the installation. From there, you can do predictive monitoring and preventive maintenance to maximize uptime while minimizing cost.

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