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Gear Alignments 

A good maintenance program should include a strong emphasis on preventive maintenance including checking for proper alignment and lubrication, periodic changing of lubricants, and checking that noise, vibration and temperature parameters are within recommended guidelines. Additionally, visual inspection of the gears and shafts is also very important. Learning how to read the telltale signs of distress can lead plant engineers and maintenance personnel to the proper corrective measures and the prevention of failures.

Operational considerations by Maintenance & Reliability Technologies, Inc. include proper loading, installation and support, alignment and maintenance. If any factor is incorrect or missing, then gear drive components, including the gears and shafts, can exhibit abnormal distress. Inefficient operation, increased operating expenses, shortened life, or unexpected catastrophic failure can result.

Careful planning and working with gear drive manufacturers experienced in your applications, will help ensure that a gear drive system is properly specificed, designed, manufactured and installed. Getting to that point is a good start toward ensuring reliable gear operation. However, the other factors are just as important to this equation. Poor maintenance practices, abrasive or corrosive contaminants, overloads, increased output demands, over-motoring, etc., can result in poor tooth contact, pre-loaded bearings, lubrication leakage, etc. - all of which can lead to distressed gears and shafts and their associated problems.

However, if a breakdown should occur, “failure analysis” based on “reading” the failed part, can help solve the problem in subsequent operations.





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